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This picnic known as "Beautiful Beginnings."
Combines gentle neutrals in a white and beige color scheme with a textured, intricate weave.This theme can be adapted to fit any special occasion thanks to these component

What Is Included

The following goods are included in each picnic package for two people.
Please let us know in the picnic inquiry if you're interested in inviting more people.

We have room for up to 30 people!

  • Indian-made hand-carved teak wood tables

  • woven area rugs

  • Several different floor cushions

  • Tableware (table runner, napkins, etc) (table runner, napkins, etc.)

  • Flatware

  • Glasses for wine and water

  • Placemats or Charger Plates

  • Salad and dinner plates

  • Candles

  • Table Décor

  • Chalkboard Sign with custom Message

  • Spritzy Water

  • Wireless Speaker

  • The Picnic Games (Jenga & Pick up Sticks)

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